How to Limit a user to use Only Limited Apps

Avatar admin | April 17, 2020

How to limit a user to use only limited apps or setting up assigned access. Allow Windows 10 to run specific app or programs only


Have you ever wondered how to lock down your computer or restrict your computer to the users to use only specified programs which only allowed by you?


Create a visitor account or a guest account with very limited privileges in windows 10, which is similar to the guest account. Which was available in older versions of windows like windows XP, Windows 7 etc.

A visitor account or a guest account is a local account for users who don't have a permanent account on your computer or domain.

It allows a user to access your computer without having access to your personal files or folders. The users that signed in to the visitor account which is assigned by you cannot install applications or software’s or cannot open windows store apps, install hardware, or change the settings.


As we know the local account or a guest account was available in the earlier versions of windows & it is no longer available in windows 10, but you can get the past settings or add local user manually by adding a visitor account.


Creating a local user or guest user or setting up assigned access is also known as kiosk mode. When you have people over and they want to use an app on your pc, you can give them the access comfortably without worrying about your private files or private folders.


If you want to know how to limit a user to use only limited apps or setting up assigned access so keep watching this video till the end & do subscribe.










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