How to Change IP Address in Windows 10

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In this video tutorial, I will tell you how to change the IP Address in Windows 10. There are many different methods. Here you will learn the manual method to change the IP address from dynamic to static and static to dynamic whatever you want.

When working in a wider environment, often requires us to change our IP address. To change the IP address on Windows 10, we showed the simplest steps are very easy. watch this video for Windows 10 and change the IP address dynamic to static and static to dynamic on Windows 10. Let's talk about it in detail.

The need to replace the IP address, it is sometimes necessary to change your IP on Windows 10. This happens especially when we are part of a large organization such as a university or corporate and intellectual property policy changes may want to change the IP address of your machine.

So here are the steps:

Changing the IP address on Windows 10
In the taskbar of your computer, click the Internet icon and click "Open Network and Sharing Center"
open network clearing house
network and sharing center, click the connection
Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10
A wireless network connection status window is opened. Click on the property.
network connection status
A state of the pop-up window will open a network connection. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IP V4) if you want to change the IPv4 address of your computer.
IPv4 status of the network connection
Now fill in the appropriate IP address and press OK.



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