How to enable god mode in windows 10

Avatar admin | April 16, 2020

How to enable god mode in windows 10 | Administrator settings on desktop

In this Windows 10 Tutorial, I will tell you how to enable god mode this is a cool Windows 10 feature you can do by turning a folder into an administrator master list.


unfortunately, it does not give you any new hidden administrator tools but it does make life a lot easier having all the administrator tools within the one folder location.


god mode is a special folder in Windows 10 that gives you quick access to over 209 tools and settings that are normally hidden in the Control Panel and other windows and menus.


Once you enable the god mode, god mode lets you do all sorts of things, like quickly open the built-in disk defragmenter, view event logs, access Device Manager, Bluetooth devices, format disk partitions, update drivers, open Task Manager, change display settings, BitLocker, adjust your mouse settings, show or hide file extensions, rename the computer, and a lot more useful administrator settings.


The way of enabling god mode is very simple: first of all Make sure your system account has administrative privileges if you have then, just rename an empty folder on your computer as the god mode code down below, and then instantly, the folder will turn into a super-handy place to change all sorts of Windows settings.


Code used to enable godmode in Windows 10: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}


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