Windows Files Explorer Tips And Tricks

Avatar admin | April 18, 2020

Windows Files Explorer Tips And Tricks

Windows Files Explorer Tips And Tricks - Viewing and selecting files

In this video tutorial, we’ll be going to learn how we manage our windows 10 files and folders. This tutorial covers the basics of Windows Files Explorer, how we organize our Windows 10 File Management system using File Explorer. In this tutorial, we will also explore the Viewing and selecting files settings.

File Explorer is a built-in app of Windows 10 that allows you to create, rename, edit, cut, copy, organize, delete, Show Hidden Files, Show File Extensions, Expand to Current Folder, Show Preview, Hide Preview, Show Detail, Hide Details, Click to Select and modify files and folders. By mastering the concepts of file explorer which I taught in this video, you will no longer have trouble

This tutorial is intended for beginners who want to learn more about the Windows operating system and how to properly manage the filing system.


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