WhatsApp Is Bringing Top 10 Features Soon

Avatar admin | July 17, 2022

WhatsApp Is Bringing Top 10 Features Soon:

WhatsApp Is Bringing Top 10 Features Soon:

WhatsApp Is Bringing Top 10 Features Soon. The list of 10 notable and appreciable features which are arriving on WhatsApp soon is here.

The edit button:

At first, the most hoped feature which is arriving on WhatsApp is the capability for editing text messages. As it is understood from the name, through this feature you can make the changes to your messages after even sending, as identical as the discord and telegram. It is not categorical whether it would be having a limited time window for editing the messages or if a user can do it anytime, he desires.

Hide online status:

Another highly hoped WhatsApp feature is to have the proficiency for hiding online activity. As it can be seen in the screenshot that with the help of this feature, you will be able to hide your online status from the contacts which are based on your preferences. Users can show it to just your contacts, no one, only select contacts, or to everyone.

Move the chat from an android to an iOS:

Users have been proficient in moving the WhatsApp chat from iOS to android mobile phones since the commencement of this year 2022. It began just with the Samsung mobile phones, but at present, can be done so on any android mobile phone which is running the latest software. Soon it will also be able to perform the other way around and will let the users move the WhatsApp chats from an android mobile phone to iOS.

The new message reactions:

Presently, by WhatsApp, there is a limited selection of reaction emojis to opt from, but through it, you can contain more to the list soon. With the help of this feature, users can contain emojis as per choice to the list. The amount of emojis that can be contained by self is not clear so far.

The cover photos:

The users of the WhatsApp business would be proficient in creating the profiles soon, as identical as Twitter and Facebook via the cover photos. This feature will let you advertise more regarding own self and the business with enough space for sharing the info.

Play and pause the voice recordings:

Getting interrupted at the time of messaging anyone is really normal, this is why Apple is letting you pause the voice messages at the time of recording. A user can pick up right where he left when he hits the play button. Through this feature, users can hear the recordings before sending them.

The export backups:

The google drive backups are not new. Through this users can move the WhatsApp data to the new mobile phone effortlessly as they can simply download the cloud backup on the new mobile phone. Nevertheless, being proficient in recovering the chats at any time is completely a new feature that is in the works.

Mute the particular people in the group calls:

The users of WhatsApp will be capable with the help of the future update to mute the particular people in the group calls. With this feature, users can also directly message particular people from the call menu as it can be apprised in the screenshot.

The WhatsApp premium:

Another feature is the WhatsApp premium which is in the works for a while. Solely, this feature is meant for the users of WhatsApp business and would unlock an extra feature for paying customers like creating the custom business links for the customers, the proficiency to contain up to 10 linked devices also rename them, and many more.

The group polls:

Another feature, group polls have been in the rumor mill for ages, and haplessly this feature is in the process so far without any sign of an official release. Polls should make a group decision more effortless as compared to before.

For example, if you have to choose a place to eat with your friends, so can simply vote via a group poll and outvote that one picky pal the entire time.

Other features:

There are so many other features which are arriving on WhatsApp soon, like an automatic photo album for the desktop, viewing the status updates via the chat menu, avatars for video calls, time extension to disappear and delete the messages, a group icon editor and a lot more.

As it is aforementioned before, on the WhatsApp beta, an entire of these features are available, nevertheless, there is no launch date for them.

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