USB Flash Drive Malware Is Violating Windows Devices

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USB Flash Drive Malware Is Violating Windows Devices. This Dangersome New Malware Is Violating Windows Devices By The Medium Of Infected USB Drives.

It has been sounded by the researchers that new malware is violating the windows devices, but still, it is unsure why it does that.

from the red canary, the researchers of cyber security have discovered currently, a new worm-like malware that expands offline by the medium of infected USB drives.

the researchers did not call this specific malware by a name, but linked it to a “ cluster of malicious activity” they named raspberry robin.

The raspberry robin:

In the different endpoints in multiple networks which belong to the organizations in manufacturing industries and technology, this malware was found.

after the analysis of an affected thumb drive, it is discovered by the researchers that the worm spreads to the new devices by the medium of malicious. Link file. Once the USB drive plugs in, the worm triggers a new process by cmd.exe and then runs the file.

It is stated by the researchers that the warm makes use of the Microsoft standard installer ( msiexec.exe). They contemplate that the server is hosted on a compromised QNAPdevice with tor exit nodes being accustomed as extra c2 infrastructure.

It is also stated in the report that msiexec.exe downloads and executes legitimate installer packages, and adversaries as well leverage it to deliver malware. Raspberry robin makes use of msixec.exe for attempting an external network communication to a malicious domain for the c2 purposes.

the conclusion is, that researchers are still discovering the malware’s endgame. It is aforesaid by the researchers that ‘we are not cognizant as well that why raspberry robin installs add malicious dll’. One hypothesis is that probably it can be an attempt for establishing persistence in the infected system. however, further information is needed to build confidence in that hypothesis.


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