Apple Mail Now Blocks Email Tracking For The Advertisers

Avatar admin | May 10, 2022

Apple Mail Now Blocks Email Tracking For The Advertisers

Apple Mail Now Blocks Email Tracking For The Advertisers. Now Apple Prevents The Email Tracking. Good For Mail Users But Bad For The Advertisers

People have been looking for the past a few years for email services which word bestow them with good privacy features.

Apple is doing it for us with the new anti-email tracking feature of apple mail. Now, here is a new online messaging service for the users on which they can rely.

How apple blocks the email tracking?

As per the latest report of the wired, in the month of September 2022, the new apple mail feature was foremost launched. Gramercy to the cyber security enhancement, advertisements now can not track your email activities on iPad,iPhone, and Mac devices.

“it is aforesaid by Simon Poulton, promote digital intelligence vice president, that if I begin do conversation with anybody and they do not respond I stop talking to them at some point”.

He demonstrated that this is how marketers work. They identify the users who are listening and who are not so that they would change their strategies to attract the nonlisteners.

As for the function, the new security feature of apple mail performs by installing the images prior to users opening them. Then it will be marked as ‘read’ by the email service.

This method is known as caching. apart from an anti email tracking feature, the iPhone creator has also been releasing the newest privacy features which are really identical.

Mail privacy enhancement:

It is aforementioned by the experts, that apple has been releasing the mail privacy enhancements. these contain intelligent tracking prevention, and that is present in ios and safari, also the iCloud hide my email function.

Apart from this, other simple security features are also bestowed by apple mail. According to pc mag, the official email service of iPhone makers permits the user to hide their email addresses. Nevertheless, there is the availability of it but only for the icloud+ subscribers.

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