Microsoft, Google and Apple clouds banned in Germany’s schools

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Microsoft, Google, and Apple clouds banned in Germany’s schools

Microsoft, Google and Apple clouds banned in Germany’s schools

Microsoft, Google, and Apple clouds banned in Germany’s schools. Germany has banned these productivity tools in schools. Officials say these companies are not providing a satisfactory feature of privacy.


Hesi Commission for Data Protection and Freedom of Information or HBDI imposed this ban after a review of the Microsoft Office 365 suite for schools.


Microsoft introduced Azure Deutschland in 2016. The focus was on the data trustee model. Deutsche Telecom, a third-party partner, used the private cloud to provide offshore services so that local data would not pass through the public Internet. ۔


HBDI allowed schools to use Office 365 in August 2017. Ever since then they have been using the German cloud.


In August 2018, things started to change. Microsoft abolished data trustee management in Germany and instead began using its regular data center to store data. Thus Microsoft eliminated the barrier between its German data center and the global Azure cloud.

HBDI Report:

HBDI reviewed the situation when the matter was taken up by the schools. According to HBDI, they have no problem accessing data for schools. They have a problem with how and where Microsoft is storing data. HBDI says the first issue is to store the data on the European cloud, where it can potentially be viewed by US authorities.


The second problem is that a lot of data is sent to Microsoft using Microsoft Windows 10. The data it sends is not yet clear. Similar data is also sent using Office 365.


HBDI says that you cannot solve the problem by asking for a user’s will. If you do not know what data Microsoft is collecting and how the company will use it, then you have asked. Information not provided.


Despite these problems, German schools need programs like Office 365. HBDI says it depends on Microsoft. The company will have to be satisfied with third-party data access and Windows 10 telemetry.


Although HBDI’s report was mentioned more by Microsoft, it also mentioned other cloud services and said that schools could not use Google Docs and Apple’s IP. HBDI said that for Microsoft True, it is also true for Google and Apple Cloud solutions.


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