Instagram could hide like counts from the audience

Avatar admin | April 20, 2019

Instagram could hide likes count:

Instagram Hide Likes Count. Now the number of likes on your Instagram post will not be visible to other users. The Facebook sub-company Instagram has designated the app’s new prototype, in which the number of your post’s likes has been hidden.

This information is given by the Instagram app reverse engineering expert Jean Wong.

This information is found in the source code of the Instagram app Android version.

users will not be able to see the number of posts like in the new design but will be available to you.

Hiding numbers of posts like:

Instagram wants customers to pay attention to the content instead of focusing on post-likes.

An Instagram spokesperson says he is not doing this feature yet, but he is looking for ways that reduce the pressure on consumers.

If this feature is enabled in the app, it will not make any difference to the users for whom the number of likes is just a number.

But yes, it will definitely be unhappy with celebrities on Instagram, because they are posted on Instagram and Earn money on the basis of the number of likes and number of followers.

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