What’s new is coming in Apple’s iOS 13?

Avatar admin | April 22, 2019

What’s new is coming in Apple’s iOS 13?

What's new is coming in Apple's IOS 13?

Apple is going to launch “iOS 13” the next generation of its operating system for the iPhone and iPad, at its annual WWDC event which is held on the 3rd of June 2019.

Dark Mode and Multitasking:

Finally, Dark Mode is coming to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 13 and it will be a system-wide Dark Mode that can be enabled in Settings. Dark mode, which inverts most interface colors to white text on a black background, will be similar to macOS.

iOS 13 is coming with many changes to the iPad, which include the ability for apps to have a couple of windows. every window will also be able to contain sheets that can be initially attached to a portion of the screen but can be detached with a drag gesture.

Undo gesture and Font management:

In iOS 13, Apple is introducing a new standard undo gesture. The gesture starts with a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, sliding left and right. It allows the user to undo and redo actions.

Font management is bringing a major upgrade to iOS 13. Now you don’t need to install a profile to get new fonts into the system anymore. Instead, there will be a new font management panel in Settings. A new standard font picker component will be available for developers and the system that will notify the user that the document has missing fonts.

Smarter Mail:

The Mail app is becoming smarter for the first time in a while: the upgraded mail app will be able to organize messages into categories such as marketing, purchases, travel, “not important” and more, In the upgraded mail app users will also be able to add messages to a “read later” queue just like other third-party email apps.

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