How Google fought Spam on Google Search

Avatar admin | April 26, 2023

How Google fought Spam on Google Search

Efficiently Fighting Spam on Google Search in 2022: Key Strategies and Achievements

In 2022, Google implemented innovative strategies to combat spam on its search platform, ensuring a secure and reliable browsing experience for users. This article highlights the significant improvements made to SpamBrain, how Google tackled abusive links and hacked spam, and the steps taken to enhance user safety and maintain a spam-free Google Search experience.

Boosting SpamBrain’s Performance

Google’s SpamBrain played a crucial role in its efforts to fight spam in 2022. The improvements to the system enabled it to detect 5 times more spam sites compared to 2021, and a staggering 200 times more than when it first launched. As a result, over 99% of visits from Google Search were spam-free, demonstrating the effectiveness of SpamBrain.

Addressing Abusive Links and Hacked Spam

Google further developed SpamBrain into a versatile platform, launching various solutions to cover different abuse types. One key area of focus was link spam. By training SpamBrain to identify sites that create spammy links and those designed to pass spammy links to other sites, Google detected 50 times more link spam sites than in the previous update. Similarly, training SpamBrain to recognize hacked spam led to a tenfold increase in hacked site detection.

Accelerating Spam Handling

Another significant achievement in 2022 was SpamBrain’s enhanced ability to detect spam during the crawling process. This allowed Google to identify spam upon first encountering a page, preventing it from being indexed and enabling resources to be better utilized for indexing useful content.

Promoting User Safety

In addition to fighting spam, Google introduced new anti-scam solutions to enhance user safety on Search. These solutions improved coverage and extended scam protection to all languages for the first time. Consequently, clicks on scam sites were reduced by 50% compared to 2021.

Updating Guidelines for Site Owners

Google also updated its spam policies as part of its Search Essentials, covering common types of spam and abusive behaviors that could lead to lower search rankings or exclusion from Search results. The policies were refreshed with more precise language and new examples to help site owners avoid creating harmful content. Furthermore, Google provided guidance on AI-generated content, emphasizing the importance of using AI responsibly and avoiding manipulative search ranking tactics.


In conclusion, Google’s continuous efforts to detect and eliminate spam have resulted in a safer and more reliable search experience for users. As a community, we can contribute by creating valuable content, maintaining functional websites, and reporting spam or abusive content to Google. Together, we can maintain a spam-free Google Search experience for everyone.

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