Google Search Ranking guidance about AI-generated content

Avatar admin | April 26, 2023

Google Search Ranking guidance about AI-generated content

Google recently shared some information about Google Search Ranking guidance and how AI-generated content fits into their approach for showing helpful content on their search engine. They want to assure people that their main goal is to provide high-quality and useful content, no matter how it is created.

Google focuses on content quality instead of how it is produced. They have systems in place to make sure that good content, whether created by humans or AI, is rewarded. Google doesn’t want to ban AI-generated content, because it can be helpful and creative, just like human-created content.

However, Google wants to prevent people from using AI just to trick their search engine and get higher rankings. They have tools to detect such spammy content and will continue to fight against it.

If you’re considering using AI to create content, Google advises you to focus on making it original, high-quality, and useful for your audience. They also suggest you should be transparent about how your content is created, especially if AI is involved.

In summary, Google is open to AI-generated content as long as it’s helpful and follows its guidelines. They will keep working on their systems to ensure that users get the best possible search results, no matter if the content is created by humans or AI.


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