Dangerous epidemic ready to hit the world, are we ready for it?

Avatar admin | April 12, 2020

Dangerous epidemic ready to hit the world, are we ready for it?

Is a dangerous epidemic ready to hit the world, are we ready for it?

Washington: Microsoft founder Bill Gates warns that an outbreak like the Coronavirus can affect the world every 20 years and that the world needs to be prepared for it.


In a Skype interview to the British newspaper The Financial Times, Bill Gates expressed strong concern that the world has spent billions of dollars so far, yet the Coronavirus has not been overcome, and that is because of the world. The medical system was not prepared for this.


He also warns that such outbreaks can erupt every 20 years, so the world will need to be prepared for it.


Bill Gates aforesaid that if the world was equipped to cope with such outbreaks, it would not have cost billions of dollars today and we could have to control it at a much lower cost. In the future, governments would have to be equipped with their medical systems based on the ability to provide the latest and quickest response.


“There is a science to help us today, if we were prepared already, we would be in a position to control it now and then in a very short period,” he aforesaid. Bill Gates hopes that the world would learn from the current situation and would be equipped in a better way for the future ahead.


Keep in mind that Bill Gates warned in 2015 that the world could soon be hit by a dangerous epidemic that would kill 3 million people within a year.


He warned at the same time that despite all the progress, the world was not prepared to cope with any kind of epidemic.


Bill Gates Foundation has also donated billions of dollars to overcome the Coronavirus. Their donations will be put into practice on the construction of factories for vaccines manufactured against the virus.

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