Amazon Revolutionizes Product Search with AI Chatbot Integration

Avatar publsher | May 17, 2023

AI chatbot integration for Amazon product search

Amazon’s Intelligence Unveiled: E-commerce Platform to Incorporate AI Chatbot Resembling ChatGPT into its Search Engine


Amazon intends to introduce a product search functionality into its online store by integrating an AI chatbot reminiscent of ChatGPT. Over time, the presence of advertisements, sponsored links, and content has compromised the quality of Amazon’s product search engine, according to multiple consumer surveys. plans to incorporate generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of ChatGPT-style technology into its web store’s product search feature. By doing so, Amazon joins the ranks of Microsoft Corp and Google, both of which are also integrating generative AI into their respective search engines.


In the realm of Big Tech, almost every major player is heavily invested in the ongoing AI competition, currently led by Microsoft due to its partnership with OpenAI. Even Apple, historically renowned for hardware technology solutions, has now entered the race, dedicating efforts to developing a multitude of AI-based features for iOS 17.


Amazon Places Significant Bets on AI Chatbot


Bloomberg News recently examined Amazon’s job postings, revealing insights into the company’s plans. One job listing, seeking a senior software development engineer, discloses Amazon’s intent to reimagine Amazon Search with an interactive conversational experience. The goal is to empower users with the ability to obtain answers to their inquiries, compare products, and receive personalized recommendations.


Through the job listing, Amazon expresses its desire to recruit top-tier talent across the organization to promptly bring this vision to life. The company believes that this endeavor will facilitate a transformative shift in search, describing it as a once-in-a-generation transformation for Search.


Moreover, another job posting suggests that Amazon is undertaking an AI-first initiative to overhaul its approach to search. The objective is to harness cutting-edge deep learning techniques on an exceptionally large scale, revolutionizing the way search functions.


When questioned about the job listings, Amazon spokesperson Keri Bertolino refrained from providing specific comments but acknowledged the company’s substantial investments in generative AI across all its business sectors.


Reshaping Amazon’s Core Product: Product Search


The integration of conversational product search possesses the potential to reshape a pivotal aspect of Amazon’s core retail operations. The search bar, which serves as the primary gateway for millions of shoppers seeking specific products, carries significant importance.


According to a survey conducted by Jungle Scout, a company specializing in software development for Amazon sellers, more than half of US shoppers now initiate their product searches on Amazon, surpassing the proportion of those who commence their searches on Google.


Initial implementations of generative AI by companies such as Microsoft and Google have encountered challenges, including inaccuracies in response to basic queries. Nonetheless, these preliminary efforts also showcase the possibility of enhanced search experiences that could provide users with a more valuable means of finding products.


For instance, using Microsoft Bing, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to search for the top five electric razors generates a curated list of products accompanied by reviews from reputable sources like Men’s Health and GQ, along with links to stores where the products are available for purchase. In contrast, conducting the same search on Amazon predominantly displays advertisements, followed by an array of product listings.


Ads and Sponsored Content Have Diminished Amazon’s Product Search


In recent years, Amazon’s search experience has faced criticism due to the growing prominence of ads and sponsored content within search results.


Generative AI leverages extensive datasets to construct large language models capable of generating text or images based on given prompts. During an earnings call, Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, underscored the transformative potential of this technology in enhancing customer experiences.


Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing division, has also announced forthcoming services that rely on advancements in generative AI, although they are not yet widely available. Additionally, Amazon is exploring the use of similar technology to enhance its Alexa voice assistant and is assembling a team to leverage AI tools in creating photos and videos for advertising campaigns.

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