Enhance Your Business Reach with Google Workspace Individual in 52 Countries

Avatar publsher | May 17, 2023

Google Workspace Individual expansion

Google Workspace Individual is now accessible in an additional 20 countries.


Between the availability of Google Workspace Premium with Google One 2+ TB plans and the Business tiers, Google presents Workspace Individual, which is presently accessible in 20 novel countries.


Geared towards small-scale or single-owner enterprises, Google Workspace Individual retains your @gmail.com address while incorporating 1 TB of storage capacity and enhanced functionalities across Gmail, Google Calendar, and Meet. In the United States, the subscription fee for this service amounts to $9.99 per month.


This offering encompasses email marketing capabilities, encompassing multi-send functionality, contact lists with personalized support, as well as customizable layouts for newsletters and other customer acquisition endeavors.


Additionally, Google Workspace Individual facilitates appointment scheduling through an integrated booking system and a landing page interconnected with Google Calendar. Lastly, users can conduct group calls spanning up to 24 hours, featuring breakout rooms, polls, and noise cancellation. Furthermore, it offers support for live streaming to YouTube, with the added ability to save files to Drive.


Originally launched in 2021 with a presence in five countries, the service gradually expanded to encompass Europe and Asia over the course of the subsequent year. Following the recent addition of 20 new markets, Google Workspace Individual is now available in a total of 52 countries:


Argentina, Czechia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, South Korea, Austria, Ecuador, Israel, Pakistan, Spain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Italy, Peru, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Japan, Philippines, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, Chile, Greece, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Colombia, Hong Kong SAR China, Netherlands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

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