Xbox Launches Eco-Friendly Controller Made from Recycled Materials

Avatar admin | April 5, 2023

Xbox Launches Eco-Friendly Controller Made from Recycled Materials

Microsoft has announced a new special edition Xbox controller made with reclaimed and recycled materials for Earth Day. The Remix Special Edition controller is made up of one-third of regrind and reclaimed materials, including leftover Xbox One controller parts, CDs, and headlights. It’s packed with a rechargeable battery pack.


This is part of Microsoft’s exploration into reducing waste and plans for a zero-waste future. The controller’s unique look draws inspiration from the natural world and earth tones with pops of bright colors. It features a bin-green front plate, textured beige brown hand grips, and a slate-like blue back.


However, the dull green monstrosity is disappointing compared to Xbox’s usual stunning designs. The manufacturing process likely limited the potential for a nicer design. The controller will add to the perception that recycled stuff has to look dull.


The Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition is available for pre-order for $85 USD before its April 18 release. It’s pricier than a regular Xbox controller, but the rechargeable battery pack and sustainability factor justify the cost. Hopefully, Microsoft will release cooler controllers with even better construction in the future.

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