US President Joe Biden warns of potential risks of artificial intelligence

Avatar admin | April 5, 2023

Joe Biden warns the risks of artificial intelligence

Joe Biden warns of potential risks of artificial intelligence. US President Joe Biden has stated that artificial intelligence (AI) “could be” a threat to society, but it remains to be seen how the technology will impact society. During a meeting with science and technology advisers, Biden emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of technology products before their release.


Biden’s Perspective on Societal, Economic, and National Security Risks:

Biden believes that tech companies have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of their products, particularly with regard to AI. While discussing the potential dangers of AI, Biden said that developers of the technology would need to address the possible risks to society, the economy, and national security.


The president also noted that AI has the potential to address major global challenges such as climate change and disease control. However, he cautioned that the harm caused by new technologies on young people’s mental health demonstrates the need for safeguards.


Biden’s comments come as debates about AI regulation continue to grow. Some influential figures, such as Tesla founder Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, have called for a halt to the development of AI until appropriate safeguards are in place.


In a recent open letter, these tech leaders raised concerns about the “profound risks to society and humanity” posed by the technology. The release of GPT-4, the follow-up to the groundbreaking AI chatbot ChatGPT, has only intensified these concerns.


Human-Level Performance Claims:

The creator of GPT-4, California-based OpenAI, claims that the new platform can perform at a “human level” in some areas, such as passing the bar exam with a score in the top 10 percent of applicants.


Last week, Italy became the first Western country to ban ChatGPT after the country’s data protection watchdog found no legal basis for its mass collection of data. Meanwhile, European Union legislators are working on regulations to govern the use of AI across the 27-nation bloc.


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