WhatsApp Redesigned Context Menu for Enhanced User Experience

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

WhatsApp redesigned context menu

WhatsApp Unveiled Redesigned Context Menu for Enhanced User Experience

WhatsApp is currently in the process of developing a fresh design for its context menu, aiming to enhance the user experience and introduce exciting new features. Among the updates being considered are Chat Lock, message editing, and various others. The company has expedited the release of these enhancements, although some are still undergoing testing. An additional feature, which revolutionizes the approach to context menus on WhatsApp, has been observed in the testing phase.


According to the most recent report, the context menu has undergone a complete overhaul and is presently undergoing beta testing. The esteemed individuals at WABetaInfo have graciously shared a selection of screenshots, affording us an initial glimpse into the refined appearance of the WhatsApp context menu. Notably, in the current stable version of WhatsApp, when you tap and hold a message to select it, only a limited range of emoji for reactions is displayed, while options like delete, forward, and others are located on the top toolbar.


The novel WhatsApp context menu, with its captivating redesign, is exclusively accessible to beta testers.


Moreover, the latest WhatsApp version, v2.23.11.4, has unveiled a contextual menu for messages. The aesthetic of this newly introduced WhatsApp context menu bears a resemblance to that of the iOS application. Within a drop-down list, you will encounter options including Delete, Forward, Reply, and Info. Furthermore, emoji reactions continue to grace the top section of the message itself.


The ongoing development of the WhatsApp context menu implies that it is not yet accessible to the wider audience, as it remains exclusive to beta testers. Nonetheless, this alteration in the message context menu indicates the messaging platform’s aspirations for consistent design language across multiple operating systems. It also rejuvenates the app’s overall design and infuses contemporary elements into the outdated WhatsApp application.

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WhatsApp Chat Lock feature

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