WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock Feature to Enhance Privacy and Security

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

WhatsApp Chat Lock feature

WhatsApp Introduces Chat Lock Functionality to Heighten Privacy of Individual Conversations


The distinguished messenger application, WhatsApp, has unveiled a novel feature termed Chat Lock, with the intention of endowing users with an additional layer of privacy and security for their personal conversations.


With the advent of Chat Lock, users are now able to individually secure specific chats, including those of a personal or sensitive nature, ensuring that solely authorized individuals can gain access. These locked conversations are relocated to a concealed, secluded inbox, separate from the primary message view, thereby ensuring the confidentiality of their contents even when the phone is unlocked.


Enabling Chat Lock for a conversation entails a straightforward process. Users must initiate the desired chat, navigate to the chat information screen, and opt for the Chat Lock alternative.


By toggling the option to Lock this conversation with fingerprint, users can establish biometric authentication or enter their phone’s unlock PIN/password to safeguard the exchange.


Once activated, the chat is transferred to the Locked chats inbox, which can be accessed solely through biometric authentication or the designated PIN/password.


It is vital to acknowledge that media content within locked conversations is not archived in the device’s gallery for augmented security. To preserve media files, users must temporarily disable the Chat Lock functionality.


While this innovative feature heightens privacy and protection, it does have certain limitations. Currently, Chat Lock is solely accessible on the primary WhatsApp device, excluding auxiliary devices.


Furthermore, the locked chats folder relies on the phone’s unlock PIN/password, thereby posing a potential security risk if compromised.


WhatsApp is actively engaged in refining the Chat Lock feature, with plans to incorporate the option of setting a unique password or PIN exclusively for locked conversations, thus fortifying privacy measures.


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