Whatsapp Chat Filtering Feature Rolls Out

Avatar admin | May 14, 2022

Whatsapp Chat Filtering Feature Rolls Out

Whatsapp Chat Filtering Feature Rolls Out

WhatsApp Chat Filtering Feature Rolls Out, At present, meta’s WhatsApp is intending to present the proficiency to filter the chats on the standard accounts after the series of the updates.

It has been reported by the WhatsApp web beta info that, for the same regular users this feature is about to be presented by the application. After launching it successfully yesteryear for the business accounts. Simple filters have been contained by the social platform for swiftly searching certain chats on the beta versions of its desktop applications, android, and ios.

At present, this feature is being rolled out sluggishly to the standard accounts in the upcoming update.

It is noted by the web beta info that the availability of the feature is within a chat for the business accounts. Users are permitted by this feature to sort out the chats which are based on four filters: non-contacts, undread chats, groups, and contacts. In the chat, the filter button would be visible anytime, even at that time when the user is not searching for any message or chats.

The availability of this feature is already here for the users who already have installed the WhatsApp beta 2.2216.4.0 version. This feature is under development so far, for the standard accounts of WhatsApp and in a future update, it would be released.

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