Nothing Phone 2: Mission to Revive OnePlus

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

Nothing Phone 2

Nothing is endeavoring to resuscitate the bygone era of OnePlus, originating from OnePlus itself.


The unexpected departure of Carl Pei, one of the co-founders of the once-renowned brand known for challenging flagship dominance, left the industry astounded. Unsurprisingly, Pei carried the essence of the early OnePlus days to Nothing, initiating a promising startup that now anticipates the release of a highly awaited flagship phone, namely the Nothing Phone 2. Preceding the Phone 2’s debut, a report has disclosed that the essence of OnePlus is not the sole aspect that Pei transplanted to Nothing.


As disclosed by Inverse, a substantial 70% of Nothing’s software development team consists of former OnePlus personnel. Furthermore, it appears that Kyle Kiang, the former Chief Marketing Officer at OnePlus, has now joined Nothing and is spearheading the launch of the Nothing Phone 2. Nothing is also actively attracting talented hardware engineers from OnePlus, solidifying the triumph of the Phone 2. Presently, it is purported that 30% of the hardware team at Nothing is composed of ex-OnePlus members.


While information regarding the Nothing Phone 2 remains scarce, we do know that it will incorporate a top-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and is scheduled for release during the British summer of this year. According to Inverse, Nothing is intensifying its focus on appealing to technology enthusiasts with this phone. Consequently, one can expect a reduced emphasis on Black Dot NFTs and Web3 narratives, instead prioritizing the creation of a robust device.


The company is also amplifying its commitment to the development of Nothing OS, as indicated by the report. Former heads of OnePlus software endeavors are seemingly leading the charge to refine Nothing OS, making it more distinct. Among the notable members of Nothing’s software team are the individuals responsible for popular OxygenOS features such as Zen Mode, Reading Mode, Alert Slider software, and more.


One could argue that Pei is endeavoring to revive the enthusiast-oriented OnePlus of yesteryears within the realms of Nothing. Thus far, this approach has yielded favorable outcomes for the company. However, a triumphant launch in North America could truly establish the company’s trajectory for the future.

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