Introducing Huawei’s Cloud-Powered Virtual Phone

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

Huawei virtual phone

Introducing Huawei’s Cloud-Powered Virtual Phone

Huawei has recently unveiled a cloud-powered virtual handset in collaboration with China Mobile. This innovative creation aims to deliver a comparable user experience to that of a physical device. With this virtual Huawei phone, users can engage in telephony and gaming activities, while also enjoying the ability to stream movies and utilize various interactive functionalities.


The primary objective behind this groundbreaking release is to offer exceptional performance capabilities to low-end smartphones. However, it necessitates the presence of an actual phone to facilitate interaction with the accompanying software.


Applications and user data will be securely stored and preserved in the cloud, enabling convenient access at any time, contingent upon user activity.


Use Case:

The virtual phone is currently undergoing beta testing, allowing interested users to opt into the participation process and acquire a testing slot. Once obtained, the virtual phone can be utilized free of charge for a duration of two hours per day. This novel virtual functionality can be accessed through a designated website URL, albeit with limited compatibility limited to Android applications.


Upon launch, the user interface of the virtual phone closely mirrors that of a conventional smartphone. It encompasses a home screen and app icons, featuring essential components such as a camera, messaging app, web browser, and phone dialer. In essence, it serves as a web-based incarnation of HarmonyOS.


Notably, an additional feature exists, granting access to the control center. This functionality empowers users to manage the navigation view, restart the phone, or exit the virtual environment.


Regarding messaging capabilities, the cloud phone provides support for private direct messaging, cloud-based data storage, personalized app avatars, and more. As it leverages the China Mobile network services, it may integrate seamlessly with existing user plans.


Furthermore, China Mobile prioritizes stringent security measures and data encryption for select use cases. On the whole, while the concept of a cloud phone holds considerable promise, it may not garner widespread popularity. Nevertheless, it will exclusively debut in China, catering to the domestic market.

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