Netflix has shipped 5 billion discs

Avatar admin | August 29, 2019

Netflix has shipped 5 billion discs

Netflix has shipped 5 billion discs

Netflix as a streaming service is now popular, but most of its business, which has now become quite scarce, has been providing discs for movies and shows. Netflix has shipped 5 billion disks in the last 21 years. Recently, Netflix provided five billion discs that Rocketman did. 

Netflix provided most discs when the streaming service was not so popular or the internet was not that fast.


In today’s era when very few people have disk players, the supply of 5 billion disks is significant. Netflix’s disk subscribers in 2011 were 14 million. In the second quarter of this year, the number has dropped to 2.4 million, which is still not low. In comparison, Netflix streaming subscribers have 151 million subscribers.

Netflix made just $ 46 million in profit in the current quarter, which is pretty low.

More than that, Netflix has spent the creation of individual shows.

It will take a long time for Netflix to deliver the next one billion disks. If current users of Netflix discs rent one disk every month, it will take 35 years to reach the target of 6 billion disks. Even renting a disc in the present era seems to make some people not satisfied with streaming services.

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