Google’s Pixel Tablet To Feature UWB Connectivity Confirmed by FCC

Avatar admin | April 5, 2023

Google's Pixel Tablet To Feature UWB Connectivity Confirmed by FCC

Google’s Pixel Tablet To Feature UWB Connectivity Confirmed by FCC

The FCC has approved the much-awaited Google Pixel Tablet, which will feature ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity like Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro.


To sell any device with a wireless connection, it must pass through regulatory agencies worldwide, including the FCC in the US. Today, a Made by Google device with the model number GTU8P appeared in the FCC’s database.


The document describing the required FCC e-label location, “Settings > About > Regulatory labels,” confirms that this is an Android device. GTU8P, listed for only Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and UWB connections, is likely the Google Pixel Tablet due to the absence of cellular connectivity.


This development is a positive sign that the Pixel Tablet is approaching a retail launch. It is also the first confirmation that the device will feature UWB connectivity, a feature that has not been extensively used on the Pixel series.


UWB on Pixel has primarily enabled the use of a phone as a digital car key, which is not ideal for a bulky tablet. However, it is possible that Google is preparing the Pixel Tablet to work with the “Tap to Transfer” system being developed for Android, which would allow media to be “handed off” to a HomePod, similar to Apple’s ecosystem.


UWB may also be used in Google’s upcoming Finder Network to locate lost gadgets and items more accurately. The Pixel Tablet’s UWB support may be intended for receiving signals (tap your phone to the tablet to Cast music), sending them (tap tablet to speaker), or both.


Despite providing little tangible information about the device, today’s FCC listing for the Pixel Tablet strongly suggests that it will launch in the coming weeks or months.

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