Amazon Web Services has announced an AI accelerator program

Avatar admin | April 5, 2023

Amazon Web Services has announced an AI accelerator program

Amazon Web Services has announced an AI accelerator program with a focus on generative artificial intelligence, which is led by AWS. The program is designed for generative AI startups worldwide and will run for 10 weeks. The goal is to attract companies that are building generative AI technologies that can be applied to various industries such as legal, marketing, software engineering, green energy, and life sciences, including drug discovery. The program offers up to $300,000 in AWS credits to the participants. The main objective of the accelerator is to encourage early-stage startups to join Amazon’s cloud ecosystem. According to the program’s FAQ, participants are encouraged to develop products with a cloud-native architecture on AWS to get the most out of the program.


Why is AWS launching this accelerator?

The FAQ page states that AWS supports the complete Generative AI stack, from foundational model providers to consumer applications. AWS believes that the startup ecosystem is a driving force for AI innovation, and they are excited to provide another means of support for the best Generative AI companies worldwide.


Who can apply?

The e-commerce giant has designed the AWS Generative AI Accelerator specifically for seed and pre-seed Generative AI startups that already have a solution built and underway. The program welcomes founders who use cloud technologies or plan to use them and encourages those with game-changing ambitions to apply.


Who cannot apply?

Startups worldwide, except those in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Syria, are eligible for the Generative AI Accelerator.

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