Google Released Surprise New Chrome Extension with best Handy Feature

Avatar admin | June 21, 2020

Google Released Surprise New Chrome Extension with best Handy Feature

Google Released Surprise New Chrome Extension with best Handy Feature

With the very specific and splendid feature, google releases a unique surprise new extension that brings with it one handy and Best Feature.

Google chrome has obtained another string to its bow, along with a new extension being released for the most popular browser of the world which boasts a very handy feature.

The mountain view firm does not intend to release their extensions for chrome, along with the bulk of these spare add-ons being formed by 3rd party firms. So when google developed chrome extensions come around to us, it genuinely catches our attention.

Earlier this week the google-made chrome extension was released having a very specific function that would make sharing articles much a piece of cake.

The deep link feature is boasted by the chrome extension, which would let you link to a specific piece of text on a page.

So, if you desiderate to share an article with your pals and you desiderate to point to a particular section of the page- then you can do so with the help of this chrome extension

In February this feature has first released with chrome 80 but the currently released extension makes it much effortless to create this new link type.

You can easily share the links with anyone using the browser on desktop or android through the google chrome extension.

If you desiderate to download the ‘link to the text fragment’  that Google Released Surprise New Chrome Extension for google chrome then,

CLICK OVER HERE to be directed to its official chrome web store listing.


The description of the extension utters that “ this extension permits for effortlessly making a special link to the currently chose text on a page via the context menu.

When opening a special link, a compatible browser would scroll the chose text into view and highlight it”.

If you desiderate to create one of these links using the extension, here are the official using instructions for you:

  • Select the text that you desiderate to link to
  • Do the right click and choose “copy link to selected text” from the context menu
  • The selected text would briefly be highlighted in yellow if the link creation succeeded
  • Paste your link wherever you desiderate to share it



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