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The malware creators are becoming so much clearer day by day. The malicious attachments and downloads were the most massive areas of concern for malware, but it has been figured out by cybercriminals that it is super profitable to disguise the attacks of as legitimate applications and browser extensions.

For illegal and quasi-legal cyber activity, particularly extensions have become a breeding ground. the issue is worst enough the macs are vulnerable to malware under the guise of legitimate browser extensions

At present, a unique spyware campaign has been detected that targets google chrome with malicious browser extensions. Not only do the extensions siphon browsing history from unsuspecting victims but also sensitive internal business credentials would be transcribed by them. If u put into practice google chrome here is what you requisite to know.


It is revealed through an exclusive report from Reuters that cybersecurity firm awake security revealed that they have discovered an extensive web for 111 malicious browser extensions available to download on google chrome. These extensions seem normal to behave on the surface but behind the scene, the software behaved more such as spyware.

Unfortunately, when victims browsed the web, these extensions got copious amounts of data such as web-browsing history. some were smart enough to scoop up login credentials for sensitive business profiles and other tools.

Yet all these chrome EXTENSIONS CAUGHT SPYING  were linked by a stranger to more than 15000 web domains bought from a single register called Galcomm, which is a small Israel-based company. Galcomm refuses any wrongdoing in this matter and also claims that it was not cognizant of the domains being put into practice for this kind of purpose. The company has agreed to cooperate with investigators.

While it is ambiguous so far who the genuine mastermind is behind the malware. Google has stepped up to clean up its extension store since the report is published by awake security .most of the offenders have skipped this but neither google nor awake have shown specific names of the extensions in the query.

I use extensions on chrome! Should be I worried?

If Google removes the offending extensions from the chrome web store, they would not be proficient to connect or operate their respective domains. This means the thing u should do is clean up any remnants from your browser extension menu.

Haplessly, we are not having a complete list of extensions to remove, and at the time of publication, we are cognizant that certainly at least 70 malicious extensions Google has removed. This means there is no chance you still might have one installed on your browser.

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