Google Photos now lets you search for text in pictures

Avatar admin | August 25, 2019

Google Photos now lets you search for text in pictures

Google has unveiled a new artificial intelligence feature for its lens platform that allows users to search for text within images and screenshots in Google Photos. The feature uses the optical character recognition technique of OCR to recognize and extract text from images, which can then be copied and pasted into notes, documents, or forms. This new capability makes it easier to find specific information in photos without having to manually search through them.

Although the feature has been launched for some Android devices, it has not yet been released for all Android devices. However, it will allow users to search for text from Google Photos on the web. This feature opens up the ability for users to search for text from a variety of sources, such as business cards, documents, signboards, and restaurant menus, and quickly access the information they need.

Google’s new feature provides users with a more convenient and efficient way to search for information, as they no longer have to sift through entire images or documents to find what they need. By using OCR, the feature can identify text in various languages, making it useful for users worldwide.

The introduction of this feature further solidifies Google’s position as a leader in image recognition and artificial intelligence technology. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuously improving its services to provide the best user experience possible.

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