Google adds Live Captions to Hangouts Meet, but only on Android

Avatar admin | September 21, 2019

Google adds Live Captions to Hangouts Meet, but only on Android

Google has added a new feature to its Hangouts Meet video conferencing platform. The feature, called “Live Captions,” provides real-time captions during video calls, making it easier for users with different listening abilities to participate in meetings. Live Captions were introduced by Google earlier this year at Google I/O, but the company did not announce when the feature would be available.

In a recent blog post, Google announced that Live Captions are now available to Android users, with support for iOS and web coming soon. To use the feature, Android users can tap the closed captions button on the top right of the Hangouts Meet app during a meeting. However, it should be noted that Live Captions are currently only available in English.

While the feature will only show up on the device on which it is enabled, other meeting attendees can activate it separately. It’s important to note that Live Captions will not be visible in the recording of the meeting.

Live Captions is a valuable addition to Hangouts Meet, as it can improve communication and inclusivity for users with different abilities. The feature uses speech recognition technology to generate captions in real time, providing users with a transcript of the conversation as it unfolds. This can be especially helpful in situations where the audio quality is poor or the user has trouble hearing.

In addition to improving accessibility, Live Captions can also increase productivity by making it easier for users to follow along with the conversation. It can also be a helpful tool for non-native speakers who may have trouble keeping up with the conversation in real time.

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