Apple will still review Siri recordings, but only if you opt in

Avatar admin | August 31, 2019

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Apple will still review Siri recordings, but only if you opt-in

Earlier this month, Apple terminated the program from which the contractor reviewed Siri’s audio clip.

Customers had raised objections to the program after it was revealed. Apple said it does not provide consumer information to the contractor but rather reviews the audio and its transcript to improve Siri.

Consumers objected that although Apple did not provide consumer information to the contractor, they could also know the contractor’s personal information by listening to customer questions.


Apple also apologized to consumers for launching the program and even stopped it, but now Apple says that once this autumn, it will once again review consumer conversations, but its This will happen with the permission of the users.

Apple says this time it will improve Siri with computer-generated transcripts instead of audio recording.

Apple users will be able to decide if they want to share data with Apple. Users can also turn off data sharing once allowed.

Apple also hired 300 contractors who reviewed Siri’s recordings. In the future, only Apple employees will be able to do this.

Many companies are improving themselves by listening to digital assistant recordings.

These companies include not only Apple but also Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Customers of these companies have no idea that another person may be listening to their recording. All of these companies have terminated or changed their programs, with consumer criticism.

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