WhatsApp has announced new group features that empower admins with a new “Pending Participants” tool

Avatar admin | March 22, 2023

WhatsApp Pending Participants tool

WhatsApp has announced new group features that empower admins with a new “Pending Participants” tool. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has recently announced two new updates for WhatsApp groups that aim to provide more control and privacy to its users. The first update is a privacy control tool for group admins, which is called “Pending participants.” This tool will allow admins to decide who can join their group, giving them more control over who is allowed in. This is particularly useful for community groups, where the invite link is shared publicly, as it prevents unwanted users from joining.


The second update allows users to find out which groups they have in common with someone else. By simply searching a contact’s name, users can see the contact’s group memberships. This feature can help users connect with like-minded individuals, and it can also serve as a tool for business networking.


These updates will be rolled out over the coming weeks on both iOS and Android. However, this is not the only new feature that WhatsApp has been testing. The company has been working on a feature that will allow group chat memberships to expire after a certain period of time. This will give users more control over their group chats and prevent them from being stuck in groups that they no longer want to be a part of. It’s unclear when this feature will be available to the public.


WhatsApp has been under fire in recent years for its privacy policies and data collection practices. In response to these concerns, the company has been working on improving its privacy features and giving users more control over their data. These updates to WhatsApp groups are just one example of how the company is trying to address these concerns and provide a more secure and private messaging experience for its users.

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