Twitter Now Plays Chirping Sounds

Avatar admin | July 19, 2022

Twitter Now Plays Chirping Sounds

Twitter Now Plays Chirping Sounds. Twitter Is Presently Playing a Sound Of Chirping At The Time When Users Pull Down The Feeds To Refresh:

Currently, Twitter has been in the limelight for several causes both bad and good. You may be cognizant of the negative ones, but here right now we are considering and uttering the positives. In recent months Twitter has become battered as it is containing a few newest features like automatically generated video captions and bottom bar customization, to name a few. At present, there is another cool-sounding addition is associating with them, it is minor but seriously it makes the application more amusing and pleasurable to make use of it.

At the time when users just pull down the feed for the sake of refreshing, Twitter plays the chirping sounds, as it is noticed by the verge and some others as well. A wind-up trill plays which is followed by a chirp, if users pull down, and when users let go, the loading spinner vanishes for making its way to a refreshed feed.

The precedent sound to refresh was really a dull pop, but now we are anticipating that in the UI, more sounds would be replaced with pleasing ones such as these…. Probably a tu-whit tu-whoo for the like button?


On the other hand, the ios seem to be apprised of a wider rollout for this addition. Basically, the os is the foremost to get the new Twitter features on the mobile phone but many users who make use of android mobile phones are getting it as well. My brother was one of the lucky few who became proficient to attend this hearing before it was canceled but probably you may force the application for chirping by force-stopping it and clearing its cache.

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