The 6 new splendid iOS 14 features are here

Avatar admin | September 22, 2020

The 6 new splendid iOS 14 features are here

The 6 new splendid iOS 14 features are here

A bag of splendid features iOS 14 has brought. We would let you know about the favorites and the way to use them as well.

  1. Affix the chat to the top of messages:

To affix the conversation to the top of messages means that you do not really requisite to do scrolling to get favorite contacts, groups, etc. Through swiping to the right across any thread, any contact or chat can be affixed to the top of the messages.

  1. Now Apple has its personal translate application:

Through this great translate application of the iPhone, any text can be converted plus hold a conversation with anybody who speaks in a different language.

The languages that can be converted are:

Spanish English Italian Chinese French Japanese Korean Arabic Russian, Mandarin, German, and Portuguese. It can be done in two methods. First, a word or phrase can be typed, and second one by typing on the icon of a microphone at the bottom of the screen employ voice-to-text. After doing this your text or phrase or anything would be translated into your desiderated language.

  1. A standardized home screen with application library:

Application library e is a new screen which is is to the right of your last home screen. All the applications on your phone automatically are arranged by it in a folder based on the application category. Its purpose to be here is to make it effortless for you to get all the applications installed on your iPhone.

You would grasp two folders at the top of the application library. One is suggestions and the second is recently added. All the applications would be updated and adjusted by both of them.

  1. Widgets keep a unique look and a new home:

Widgets can now contain directly to the display with several sizes .a smart stack widget is also there through which you would be informed by the multiple applications when it ponders you requisite it.


          5.     In the text conversation, tag anybody:

Tagging someone in the conversation or in a group and to text back directly to the message assessable. It is really effortless, just type the @symbol with their name in the chat. And just long-press on a message and selecting reply for the purpose of in-line reply.

  1. Picture in picture is a copacetic and comfortable tool:

Picture in picture constitutes a thumbnail image of a video that would be continued while you are using another application or a screen. If you are watching a video in a supported application such as twitch and you just go back to the home screen the video will still be continued but just in a smaller window. Just Hale the picture in the picture around the screen and adjust the size and tap to the x for closing the video.


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