Samsung O and Quick share are arriving in the Windows 10

Avatar admin | February 16, 2021

Samsung O and Quick share are arriving in the Windows 10

For ages, Microsoft and Samsung have been with each other for the purpose of working. You can have a sight at the plethora of Microsoft services on the devices of Samsung. For the cloud gaming service of Microsoft, they procure exclusive support as well.

Windows 10 is about to procure support for some Samsung applications containing quick share and Samsung free. This all is because of the more current development of this partnership.

What is Quick Share on Galaxy?

Quick share is the version of Samsung of Apple AirDrop and it permits seamless sharing of documents and media betwixt Samsung devices. Although, at present, it is about to be a part of Windows 10 and you also would be proficient to share media betwixt the computer and Galaxy devices.

All the devices of Samsung which have UI 2.0 or above would be proficient to make use of this feature. When it would be connected you could use  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the smart things of Samsung back and forth for sharing the content.

On the other hand with quick share, the users of The Windows 10 would procure Samsung free. Precedently, Samsung free was used to call Samsung Daily and it is a one-stop-shop for television play and news as well.

The television section would show the content which has available on the Samsung television plus, and that is a video rental service that was launched in the year 2016. On most Galaxy devices, it is available.

At last, Samsung O, an application is also about to arrive at Windows 10. Regarding application, there is not much known but according to some reports, it is aforementioned that, this application would be some sort of clone application.


Within few days, the Microsoft store Would roll out these applications, and then we would be cognizant more regarding Samsung O.


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