Samsung Galaxy Users Receive Exciting Internet Upgrade | Enhancements and Features

Avatar publsher | May 23, 2023

Samsung Galaxy users, internet upgrade

Samsung Galaxy users have recently received a delightful complimentary upgrade to their internet experience. Samsung smartphones, renowned for their exceptional quality, include the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which stands as one of the finest Android devices available.

Consequently, a substantial number of users employ the Samsung Internet application. These users can now enjoy a couple of impressive new features, thanks to Samsung’s ongoing efforts to enhance and update their web browser.

Firstly, a feature previously limited to beta testing has now been incorporated into the stable public version. Users can now choose to position the URL bar either at the top or the bottom of the screen, providing convenient one-handed operation.

Furthermore, this option has been extended to tablets for the first time, offering a significant advantage. Consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, boasting a remarkable 14.6-inch display. The vast expanse between the top and bottom of the screen is expertly bridged by relocating the bar to the bottom, resulting in improved usability.

But there’s more to the enhancements. For the first time, both the bookmark and tab bars have also been relocated to the bottom. Previously, these elements vanished if one opted for the address bar at the bottom. Although independent selection is not possible, it remains a commendable improvement.

Additionally, an important update has been introduced for users who frequently work with numerous open tabs. Presently, the browser enforces a maximum limit of 100 tabs. Once this threshold is reached, each new tab opened will replace the oldest tab in the queue.

Although this policy remains unchanged, Samsung has implemented a notification system when the user reaches 99 tabs. Moreover, a convenient pop-up prompts the user to re-open any recently closed tabs, ensuring valuable information is not accidentally lost.

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