Samsung 3D stacks its 7nm smartphone chips

Avatar admin | August 16, 2020

Samsung 3D stacks its 7nm smartphone chips increasing performance

Samsung 3D stacks its 7nm smartphone chips increasing performance. Notwithstanding that Samsung has formally kicked off mass production for its next-generation 5nm chips, it is not ditching the 7nm node behind. The Korean giant has declared that it was favorably apt to implement 3D stacking on top of its 7 nanometer extremely ultraviolet chips.

In technology, this unique development is known as extended-cube or x-cube for short. And it contains stacking  SRAM on the top is the logic die. This was made accessible by the TSV technology is Samsung which makes use of the tiny holes to interconnect several layers on the top of chips.

This process is not the same as the conventional docs with standard logic dies where the CPU and GPU are on the identical plane as the SRAM. In the case of the x-cube, the SRAM is stacked on the top is logic dies and this gives hand to save space and raise power Efficiency. Samsung utters that it would make better transfer speeds as well.

The company added that it intends and doing planning to continue working towards pushing boundaries for development in semiconductor technology. It is also functioning with ARM and ADM to further make better its Exynos chips for smartphones. Arm works are helping in terms of CPU performance whilst the dust m support of AMD would be used for improved GPUs.

There is not even a word to utter that when we will get to see these new chips with 3D stacking in smartphones. They can be featured in next year’s Galaxy s30 flagship but we are not having any confirmation so far.


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