Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

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Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Chapter 5 of Resident Evil 4 brings a new level of intensity as Leon and Ashley face a horde of Ganados and an ominous voice echoing in their minds. With the goal of safely escorting Ashley to the Villa on the other side of the Village, players must navigate through a dangerous storm and face various enemies. This guide provides step-by-step assistance for players starting in the Church and concluding in the Villa, ensuring the successful completion of Chapter 5 in the Resident Evil 4 remake.


Resident Evil 4

Chapter 5 of Resident Evil 4 sees Leon and Ashley trapped on the second floor of a Church with Ganados breaking in below them. To escape, players must guide the duo along the balcony, boost Ashley up to the attic ladder, and exit through the window. After a brief cutscene, they must drop down a ladder at the back of the Church and move a fallen cabinet out of the way.


This chapter also introduces players to Ashley’s escort mechanics. Players can command her to stay close to Leon or hang back, and if she is captured by enemies, Leon must save her before it’s too late.


Navigating through the Church graveyard and back towards the Village Square, players must use strategy to either fight off or run past the attacking Ganados. Meanwhile, Hunnigan will provide a new extraction point beyond the Farm.

Village Square:

Resident Evil 4

After encountering the Merchant, proceed through the Town Hall and exit the building to the right. Drop down the well’s ladder, and take care of the patrolling Ganado in the tunnel before climbing up another ladder at the end.


Upon emerging in the Village Square, players will face a considerable number of Ganados patrolling the area. They can be dealt with through either stealth or open combat. Once the area is clear of enemies, enter the two-story house located on the left of the Square, where the Shotgun may have been acquired earlier.

Resident Evil 4

After dealing with a torch-wielding Ganado on the second floor, players must make their way out of the two-story house by vaulting through a window and using the newly-formed ramp at the rear of the building to avoid the collapsed tower. The path ahead is guarded by two more Ganados who must be defeated in order to proceed towards the Farm.


Resident Evil 4

As Leon and Ashley make their way back to the Farm, they will face a daunting challenge in the form of several Ganados, including the powerful Cowhead that can easily incapacitate Ashley. It is essential to keep Ashley at a safe distance and unleash Leon’s most potent weapons to defeat the enemies. Additionally, players should exercise caution around the aggressive animals in the area, which can ram and cause significant damage.


Once the area is clear, or the enemies have been avoided, players should move through the large gate leading to the Lakeside Settlement. Crossing the bridge triggers a cutscene, and Luis extends an invitation to Leon and Ashley to enter the nearby building.


Resident Evil 4

After the cutscene, Leon and Luis will have to defend the house from waves of attacking Ganados. Players can use wooden planks found on the table or dropped by fallen enemies to block windows and slow enemy infiltration. A bookshelf in the corner of the room can also be used to block a window.


It is important to use both floors of the house to fend off the attackers and prevent the house from becoming overwhelmed. Eventually, a cutscene will trigger, showing the villagers approaching the Villa with ladders, indicating that they can now enter from the second floor.


Join Luis upstairs and kick the ladders down to slow the Ganados’ approach.

Resident Evil 4 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

After further combat, a new scene will reveal a Cowhead Ganado invading the Villa from downstairs. To defeat this formidable foe, players must evade his massive hammer and circle around the building while bombarding him with grenades and powerful ammunition. Once defeated, Ashley will rush in, indicating the end of this action-packed chapter.


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