Redmi Note 12 Pro fire incident in India

Avatar admin | April 28, 2023

Redmi Note 12 Pro fire incident in India

Redmi Note 12 Pro smartphone caught fire inside his shirt pocket

Allegedly, a conflagration occurred in the pocket of an Indian gentleman due to his Redmi Note 12 Pro smartphone. This is an infrequent event, given the substantial advancements that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have made to smartphones. Nevertheless, it comes in the wake of the disturbing news of an alleged Redmi Note 5 Pro explosion in India that resulted in the tragic demise of an 8-year-old girl.

The gentleman, Naveen Dahiya, procured his Redmi Note 12 Pro in February of 2023. On April 11, while the device was resting inside his shirt pocket, he noticed smoke emanating from the gadget. He then experienced a burning sensation and discovered the phone was on fire. Fortunately, he removed the device from his pocket before it could harm his skin.

Redmi Note 12 Pro explosion risk

Reason for the Fire Incident:

The reason for the fire that consumed the Redmi Note 12 Pro is unclear, as it was not being charged at the time. However, the phone was entirely ruined by the inferno. Mr. Dahiya was unharmed, as he was able to toss the phone on the ground while it was still aflame. He subsequently reached out to Redmi customer service but received an unsatisfactory response from them. He has stated that if he does not receive a satisfactory response from Redmi, he will pursue legal action against the company.

It is anticipated that Redmi will release an official statement in response to this incident, amidst concerns that numerous other units may possess a similar risk of catching fire. The company will need to conduct an investigation into the issue to protect the safety of Redmi Note 12 Pro users.

This occurrence serves as a reminder to users that smartphones can become hazardous when they malfunction. Users are, therefore, advised to take precautionary measures always to avoid potential fire incidents. Among the recommendations is to refrain from overcharging the smartphone or leaving it in extremely hot environments.

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