Photoshop CC Could not initialize photoshop because scratch disks are full

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in this video tutorial, i am going to tell you How to Fix Photoshop CC Could not initialize photoshop because scratch disks are full. we will discuss why this error occurs and how we fix this error.


Photoshop is a versatile photo software developed by Adobe. It is used worldwide for its advanced graphics editing features. But, sometimes, you may encounter inadvertent errors and glitches that affect the normal working of the software.


What is ‘scratch disks are full’ error?


Photoshop uses the computer’s RAM to perform operations. When the RAM space turns low, the app temporarily swaps its data to a virtual memory—the PC’s inbuilt storage drive that is specified in the Photoshop Preferences as a scratch disk. For single partition on the storage drive, the scratch disk is the startup drive, i.e., C: drive.


But, when the allocated scratch disk space turns low to accommodate more data, the app throws the message “Could not initialize Photoshop because the scratch disks are full.”


Photoshop scratch disk full error, Reasons behind the scratch disks are full error- The error could occur due to:


Low space on the default scratch disk (i.e., C: drive) that swaps the Photoshop’s data.

Unassigned multiple scratch disks in Photoshop preferences that tackle low space issue.

Abrupt shutdown of PC that leaves temporary Photoshop files undeleted & clog up space.

Noncontiguous or fragmented free space on a scratch disk that doesn’t initialize the app.


Start Photoshop by holding Control + Alt keys-


As your error-stricken Photoshop app can’t open in Windows 10 computer due to the scratch disks full error, you must do the following:


1. Start your Photoshop app and immediately press and hold Control + Alt When the app starts, it opens up “Scratch Disk Preferences” dialog box.


2.Under the Scratch Disks section, specify the first scratch disk location that has sufficient free space (say D: Drive).


3.If you have multiple partitions on your internal storage drive, allocate more than one drive as scratch disks to tackle low disk space on the first scratch disk. Once done, click OK.


if you want to know How to Fix Photoshop CC Could not initialize photoshop because scratch disks are full so, keep watching this video till the end & do subscribe.









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