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Avatar publsher | May 22, 2023

Nokia T10 tablet Android 13 update

The Nokia T10 tablet has received the Android 13 update, bringing forth an array of new features and rectifications.

In the bygone days of September 2022, Nokia unveiled the Nokia T10 tablet in India, boasting a UniSoc T606 chip and the Android 12 operating system. Nevertheless, the tablet was long overdue for an upgrade to Android 13. At long last, Nokia has commenced the distribution of this sought-after update for the tablet, alongside numerous other devices.

Android 13 introduces an innovative design language named Material You. This design language is founded on the notion of color extraction, enabling you to derive colors from your wallpaper and imbue them into your phone’s interface. Moreover, you have the liberty to customize the shapes, typography, and other facets of your phone’s interface to align with your personal style. Furthermore, Android 13 encompasses a plethora of bug fixes and performance enhancements, all tailored to render your phone more reliable and swift. The forthcoming section outlines all the modifications that accompany the Android 13 update for the Nokia T10 tablet.

Changelog for the Nokia T10 tablet running Android 13:

  • Introduction of the captivating Material You design language
  • Enrichment of vibrant hues and customizable theming options
  • Enhancements in privacy and security
    1. Unveiling of a novel privacy dashboard
    2. Indicators for Microphone and camera usage
  • Addition of new permissions
  1. Incorporation of fresh security features
  • Introductions of features to enhance productivity and accessibility
  1. Unveiling a new multitasking menu
  2. Introduction of the Voice Access feature
  • Integration of novel accessibility features
  • Rectification of bugs and improvements in performance
  1. Greater stability and responsiveness of the phone

If you possess a Nokia T10 tablet, you can verify the availability of the Android 13 update by navigating to Settings > System > System updates. If the update is accessible, a notification will be displayed. To install the update, simply tap on the notification and follow the instructions provided.

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