Leak Confirms That Microsoft is Making Xbox Series S

Avatar admin | August 12, 2020

Leak confirms that my Microsoft is making Xbox series S

Leak confirms that Microsoft is making Xbox series S

Leak confirms that Microsoft is making Xbox series S. This month It has been rumored that Microsoft is making its next generation of Xbox consoles and now it has been confirmed that Microsoft is really up to that. Series S is about to be the lower-end variant of the forthcoming flagship Xbox console, series x. Though a controller packaging its release has been affirmed, which states “Xbox series S”.


Yesterday, Zak S, a Twitter user has purchased the controller and the verge was apt to ensure that it is real. With the help of the resale website, it was sold out and the packaging side shows that the controller works with Xbox series S and x.

Microsoft is hitherto to officially announce the Xbox series S or controllers for the two forthcoming consoles. Yester month a concealed Xbox series x controller appeared, that looked strikingly identical to the new leak with the new D-pad, new share buttons, and textured triggers. It looks verily identical to the elite controllers.


The actualization of this controller expresses that these consoles might commence appearing sooner in stores.


The expectations with the series S is it might come with 4  teraflops of GPU, 7.5gb of RAM, and the identic chip as the series x. As made known before, the new console is predicted to appear sometime later this month and it would likely be a great part of the Xbox of Microsoft all-access subscription.


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