How to block the internet for any app on android

Avatar admin | March 21, 2019

How to block the internet for any app on an android phone.

In this video tutorial, I am going to show you how to block internet service for any app on an android phone through the internet guard data saver firewall app.

Ways to Block Internet Access For Specific Apps

There are basically two ways to block internet access for certain apps on your Android. One is via your phone’s setting where you can do this for each app individually and another way is third-party apps. We are elaborating both ways here.

1. Via Phone Settings

This feature is available in the latest Android versions (Android 10 and above). You can also check which app is eating how much data is in the background as well as foreground in the same setting.

1. Go to Settings on your phone and then select Apps and Notifications or App Management on some phones.

2. Here, tap on Apps and you will see a list of all installed apps on your phone.

3. Select the app for which you want to block the internet access and tap on “Data usage details”.

4. Here, you can tap on “Background data” to disable the toggle next to it.

That’s it. The app will now not use the internet in the background. Moreover, you can also disable mobile data from here by enabling the toggle next to it, if you have limited data on your mobile plan and want to use some apps on WiFi only.

2. Via Third-party Apps

There are a couple of apps that let you do that on your phone without root access. The app we are going to use here is the internet guard data saver firewall app. It works perfectly and is completely free to use. Follow the video steps to use the internet guard data saver firewall app to block the apps using your internet in the background.

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