How to Access ChatGPT 4 for Free in 2023?

Avatar admin | March 28, 2023

How To Use Chatgpt 4 For Free

OpenAI’s GPT-4 model is the most powerful language model to date, with multi-modal capabilities that include image recognition and the ability to reason. However, the model is only available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus. Fortunately, there are ways to access ChatGPT 4 for free. Here are three methods to try:

The first method is to use, a platform for building LLM apps in a shareable chat interface. is offering free access to ChatGPT 4 without any message limit or queue, and no account creation is necessary. Simply visit’s website and start asking your questions to ChatGPT 4.

The second method is to use, a tool developed by Nat Friedman, former CEO of GitHub, that allows users to compare various LLM models, including ChatGPT 4. Users can sign up for a free account and make up to 10 queries per day. To use ChatGPT 4, change the “Model” to “gpt-4” in the right panel and start asking your questions.


The third method is to use a ChatGPT 4 chatbot built by a developer named Yuvraj Sharma on HuggingFace. This chatbot is free to use and doesn’t require an OpenAI API key. However, there is a token limit of 4096, and users may have to wait for a few seconds to get a response due to a queue. To use the chatbot, simply visit the HuggingFace link and enter your question.


If the response time is too long, users can clone the repository and add their own OpenAI API key to get an instant response. However, this method is no longer free as it requires credits to use the API. To clone the repository, click on “Duplicate Space” and follow the steps to add your OpenAI API key in the “Repository secrets” section.


In conclusion, these methods offer a way to access the powerful ChatGPT 4 model without paying any fees. While some methods may have limitations, they still offer a chance to experiment with GPT-4 and see its capabilities firsthand.

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