Google’s new 911 feature will help you get aid without speaking

Avatar admin | August 7, 2019

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Google’s new 911 feature will help you get aid without speaking. With the use of speech technology in Duplex and Pixel call screening, Google has been able to automatically share your location with the operator and inform you that you need medical, fire, or police. Need help with regards to.

The interesting thing is that Google will tell operators all this, users will not have to say a word with their own language.

Google will provide you with your location when you call your country’s emergency numbers, so you can send your location to the operator. If you can speak, transfer this location to the operator, and if you cannot speak, Google will provide you with specific types of support options and speak to the operator on your behalf.


In many cases, the phone itself also shares its location by calling the emergency numbers, but adding it specifically will help you get immediate help. If you want, talk to the operator yourself after the automated message. can.

This new feature will be rolling out in the coming months. First, this phone will be included in Google’s Pixel phones. Then it will be available for other devices.


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