Google Pixel Buds Pro: Clear Calling and Super Wide Band Speech Features

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

Google Pixel Buds Pro features

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro is set to incorporate one of the finest telephony features found in the Pixel 7

The Pixel Buds Pro will reportedly receive Clear Calling support in an upcoming update.

This feature utilizes the power of machine learning to eliminate background noise and enhance the clarity of the speaker’s voice during phone conversations.

Google is also purportedly introducing a remarkably broad spectrum of speech functionality to its premium earbuds.

Allegedly, Google is integrating the Clear Calling feature into the Pixel Buds Pro, thereby enriching the auditory experience during phone calls through the aid of cutting-edge machine learning.

This feature initially debuted in the Google Pixel 7 series in October last year, employing artificial intelligence to minimize extraneous sounds and enable clear audibility during calls. Citing a knowledgeable source within Google, 9to5Google reports that the Pixel Buds Pro will gain access to Clear Calling via a forthcoming update.

It is important to note that Clear Calling is exclusively compatible with smartphones utilizing Google’s Tensor G2 chipset. Furthermore, 9to5 highlights the uncertainty regarding the feature’s ability to function independently or necessitate a Tensor G2-powered Pixel phone in conjunction with the Pixel Buds Pro.

Should these reports prove accurate, this feature could set the Buds Pro apart from numerous other prominent wireless earbuds. Having been launched in July last year, Google’s flagship wireless earbuds already boast active noise cancellation and a few other recent additions, such as spatial audio and a 5-band equalizer.

Furthermore, in addition to Clear Calling, Google is rumored to introduce a super wideband speech capability as part of the same significant update. This advancement expands the audio range from 16Hz to 32Hz, thereby enabling transmission of a broader range of frequencies compared to conventional Bluetooth voice calls, resulting in more lifelike audio reproduction.

Lastly, the update is said to encompass enhanced Digital well-being features that will likely analyze the content being listened to and the corresponding volume level.

According to 9to5’s claim, this update is expected to arrive within the coming months. If these developments materialize, the Pixel Buds Pro would undeniably become a more enticing option within the realm of wireless earbuds.

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