Google Maps Adds Four New Features for National Park Exploration

Avatar admin | April 12, 2023

Google Maps Adds Four New Features

Google Maps Adds Four New Features for National Park Exploration

Google is dedicated to providing convenience to its Maps users who are fond of visiting national parks, by simplifying the process of discovering and accessing their desired sites. To facilitate this, Google recently revealed four novel functions to be added to Maps in April, all designed to assist users in obtaining the necessary information when heading to a national park.

One of the most significant functions coming to Google Maps this month allows users to locate the most popular places in a park, including attractions, campgrounds, visitor centers, and trailheads. To acquire this information, users can search for the park they are interested in, and then select any of the photos obtained as results to access further details. These details often comprise of videos and reviews from individuals who have already visited the area.


Enhanced Trail Experience with Maps:

Another noteworthy upcoming function enables Maps users to view prominent trails from start to finish. The application will now illustrate a trail’s entire course on the map, instead of simply showing a pin. Furthermore, Maps will provide more comprehensive information about a trail from the community, such as its difficulty, the type of trail it is, and whether it is suitable for running, walking, or cycling.

The subsequent new feature set to launch later this month aims to offer more detailed directions in US national parks. The map will highlight park entrances so that users can request walking or cycling directions to a trail, and Maps should direct them in the right direction.

Lastly, another beneficial feature that will be added to Maps in April allows users to access Maps offline and still be able to view the application. A novel approach to downloading an offline map for a park will become available after the app gets updated. To download it for offline use, users can simply click the “download” button on the park’s Google Maps listing.

According to Google, the four new features will be available in all US national parks in April and will be released in parks worldwide in the following months. These features will naturally be accessible on iOS and Android devices.

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