Google Fiber Selects Huntsville for Revolutionary 20 Gig Internet Product Launch

Avatar publsher | May 23, 2023

Google Fiber Huntsville 20 Gig internet

Google Fiber has chosen Huntsville as the ideal location to undertake a groundbreaking endeavor—the testing of our groundbreaking 20 Gig internet product launch. In a previous communication, I shared with you the news that I was personally conducting tests on this remarkable innovation within the confines of my own abode. Indeed, I possess the results of a speed test that serves as irrefutable evidence. However, truth be told, my household is unable to truly explore the immense potential offered by such a staggering internet speed. We made valiant attempts, streaming an abundance of World Cup games in stunning 4K resolution on all available devices, yet we barely scratched the surface of its capabilities.

Henceforth, we initiated a collaborative trial with our esteemed associates at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Together, we have embarked on a multitude of ventures within their distinguished School of Science and Engineering. From delving into colossal sets of data to transforming the realm of virtual reality, rendering it more palpable than ever before (further elaboration on this matter shall soon follow—remain tuned).

Nevertheless, we are well aware that this is merely the inception, akin to the recent introduction of our 5 Gig and 8 Gig offerings. Consequently, we are actively seeking the participation of eight additional organizations—be they enterprises, non-profit entities, or educational establishments—to aid us in the testing of the monumental 20 Gig capability. The selected locations for this endeavor include Austin, Huntsville, Raleigh-Durham, and Salt Lake City.

20 Gig Connection:

Now, allow me to pose a question: What attributes render your organization or company an exemplary candidate to partake in the examination of a symmetrical 20 Gig connection?

Perhaps you frequently engage in the transfer of vast datasets, whether for the purposes of downloading or uploading.

Or perchance your pursuits necessitate a significantly augmented bandwidth, owing to your involvement in research endeavors of substantial magnitude.

Alternatively, it is plausible that you are working on groundbreaking, future-oriented technologies of which we are presently unaware, yet their successful execution mandates copious amounts of bandwidth.

If any of these criteria resonate with your circumstances, kindly inform us of your readiness to embark on a truly extraordinary internet experience—one that is astonishingly fast beyond compare.

This illuminating blog post has been contributed by Nick Saporito, Google Fiber’s Head of Multi-gig & Commercial Products. To peruse the original blog entry, kindly follow the provided link here. Huntsville-based companies may apply via this platform to partake in this extraordinary opportunity to experience internet speeds that are truly unparalleled.


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