Facebook Will Bring Screen Sharing to Messenger App

Avatar admin | August 30, 2019

Facebook Will Bring Screen Sharing to Messenger App

Facebook Will Bring Screen Sharing to Messenger App

Screen sharing is a handy tool that allows us to share our screens with our friends and family. The feature is already available in Skype and other popular chat services.

It seems like Facebook is also following the suit. The company is reportedly working to bring Screen Share functionality to its Facebook Messenger application.

You will use this feature to share the screens of your smartphones with others during a video chat.

Wong revealed that the functionality will appear during an audio or video chat session. As soon as you tap the Screen Sharing button, the app will automatically switch off the camera of your smartphone.

It will allow others to see the content on the screen of your phone. However, you need to provide the screen capture permission to your Messenger app in order to use this functionality.

More specifically, Facebook is introducing it as “Share Your Screen Together” so that you can enjoy your favorite content with your loved ones. Wong explained in a blog post:

Wanna watch memes with your friends and hope they also find it funny?

Trying to instruct your family how to use an app as the family tech support?

Facebook Messenger got you covered. They are finally bringing the Screen Share feature to mobile!

The feature is currently in developmental stages and you might need to wait a few more months to get a glimpse.

This evidence is not enough to claim that Facebook is going to release the screen-sharing option. If we look at history, many experimental features were abandoned at the early stages by different companies.

Facebook has a bad reputation and it is considered a source of misinformation in many different parts of the world. Apparently, the company has decided to deal with this issue as well.

However, if the social media giant decides to go ahead with its plan, both of them would definitely turn out to be useful tools for billions of Facebook users.


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