Enhanced Swipe Actions Coming to Google Messages on Galaxy Phones

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

Google Messages swipe actions

Google Messages is introducing additional swipe functionalities, which will be accessible on Galaxy phones.


Throughout the years, Google products have amassed a plethora of features that not only save time but also enhance the user experience. Presently, Google is endeavoring to augment the customizability of swipe actions within the Google Messages application, enabling users to efficiently organize their inbox. Apparently, this feature will introduce a broader range of options for swipe actions in the messaging app that comes pre-installed on numerous Samsung phones.


In 2018, Gmail acquired the capability of swipe gestures. At present, you have the ability to designate a particular action for rightward swipes and a distinct action for leftward swipes. By default, both actions serve to archive emails. This swipe gesture feature made its debut in the Google Messages app as a beta test in July 2022, offering merely three options: archiving messages, deleting them, or disabling the swipe functionality altogether.


The wider rollout of the Google Messages swipe action feature has yet to transpire.


According to Android Police, Google Messages is presently conducting beta tests for new swipe actions. This functionality will allow users to mark messages as read or unread with a single swipe. You can customize the swipe actions within the Google Messages Settings, specifically under the Swipe Actions section. The feature is visible in the Message app v20230512_01_RC00 beta version.


However, a few users have reported that the setting is not available to them in the latest beta version of the app. On the other hand, some individuals who have received the feature have noted that the setting has disappeared, indicating a potential server-side alteration. This new swipe action feature will expedite the execution of read and unread actions for users. Moreover, it will bring the swipe actions within the Messages app in line with those of the Gmail app.

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