Elon Musk’s Warning on AI’s Potential to Disarm Humanity for World Peace

Avatar publsher | May 25, 2023

Elon Musk AI warning

Elon Musk Cautions about AI’s Potential to Disarm Humanity in the Pursuit of Global Harmony

Is it not the case that AI possesses some positive attributes?

Aside from utter destruction, Musk proposed an alternative vision: the potential for AI to assume a self-imposed role as a worldwide peacekeeper, or, as he eloquently put it, our supreme caregiver.

This hypothetical AI would prioritize the safety of humans by assuming command over all computational and armament systems on Earth.

To attain global harmony, one strategy would involve relieving humans of all weaponry, thereby rendering them incapable of employing such tools, Musk articulated during an interview with the esteemed Wall Street Journal. I do not believe AI will endeavor to obliterate humanity entirely, but it may subject us to rigorous controls.

The visionary CEO of SpaceX and Tesla predicted that the initial malevolent applications of AI would most likely manifest in the realm of weaponry, as he cautioned against the imminent emergence of Drone Wars among advanced nations endowed with significant AI and drone capabilities. Furthermore, he warned of the perils of misinformation and electoral manipulation in the short term.

The written word possesses more potency than the sword, and hence we must exercise caution regarding the utilization of AI in social media to manipulate public sentiment, Musk emphasized.

As a practical solution, he suggested acquiring verification on the Twitter platform.

Musk further asserted that within the next decade, we may witness the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), an AI capable of learning and executing intellectual tasks at a level comparable to that of a human being. AGI represents the threshold of a societal superintelligence, akin to an event horizon of a black hole, cautioned Musk.

Nonetheless, a more sanguine possibility exists, what he referred to as the benign scenario for AI, where the cost of diverse products plummets.

With regards to accessibility to goods and services, I envisage that AI will inaugurate an era of abundance, Musk remarked.

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